Gene Hackman struck by car while riding bike in Islamorada

First of all i hope he is ok. If it was the trucks fault, i hope the driver is prosecuted, which is rare. Read the short piece here.

Secondly, a big FUCK YOU to CNN for mentioning in the second sentence that Hackman was not wearing a helmet. And also having that fact as the top “story highlight.” So what if he was or was not wearing a helmet, or green socks, or a “road ID”? It is not illegal for an adult and it certainly doesn’t cause an accident.

This is typical media coverage of cyclist hits and deaths; trying to blame the cyclist in any way possible or show them in a negative light. Its awful when the same story quietly mentions the car is at fault but continues to highlight the lack of a helmet.

Start really noticing the language used and which facts are highlighted in media coverage of car/bicycle accidents. It’ll piss you off.

This kind of biased reporting is found everywhere.

Was it dark out? Did Hackman have lights? Was he riding illegally? These are legitimate things to report concerning an accident that could have caused it.

I wish the Wounder Warrior Project a safe and rewarding Soldier Ride here today and apologize about being slack on publicizing it.

Ride on!


Ride America For Safe Routes ride will begin in Key West!

Four ambitious women are undertaking a cross country endurance ride that will kick off in Key West on February 5, 2012 and culminate in San Francisco in late April. Two sisters, Jeanie and Chelsea Ward-Waller, their mother, Jane, and close friend Stephanie Palmer are riding across America to benefit the bicycle safety advocacy efforts of the League of American Bicyclists and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Dubbed “Ride America for Safe Routes” (RASR), their ride follows a route traversing 13 southern states and 20 major cities, logging over 5,000 miles between Florida and California. The mission of RASR is to raise $50,000 for the League’s Bike Friendly America program and for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs in local communities. In addition, the RASR Team will advocate the critical need for bike safety and promote the public health benefits of bicycling through events with local bicycle groups and SRTS programs in communities along their route. See the RASR website or contact for more information on the Ride and to support a future of bike-friendly communities. Come out and ride with the RASR riders in Key West on February 5, 2012.

City of Key West transportation survey


The City of Key West wishes to gather information from its Citizens in order to complete the Carrying Capacity Study. The survey will take approximately 5-minutes and all responses are anonymous.” from website

There are 24 multiple choice questions about traffic, cruise ships, bicycle lanes and public transportation.

Please take the time and fill it out. The more bicycle riders voice their opinion, the greater our power in the system!

thank you…ride on!

survey here!

Traffic Carrying Capacity Study Values Survey here on the City’s website

Eaton Street Repaving Meeting…demand bikelanes!

copied and pasted from finishthebikepath on facebook……
There is a meeting concerning the repaving of Eaton street 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug 10th at Old City Hall. Lets show up and ask for some clarification on where a cyclist is supposed to be on Eaton street. The paving starts at White and ends at Simonton. Also a few well marked and signed pedestrian cross walks are needed. Locals know this is a deadly street but tourist end up on it all the time, it needs to be made safe for all.

hardcore bikelane enforcement!

I am sure with the military presence in Key West we could somehow get a hold of a tank and use it to crush cars parked in our bike lanes!!! wooo-haaaaa!  How awesome would that be?

Or we could even fantasize and dream a bit….maybe pretend our mayor is a frequent bicycle rider and strongly supports true cyclist safety and rights.  Lets imagine him smiling happily while riding in a tank crushing luxury cars that are illegally parked! And then helping sweep up the broken glass and debris!

Sounds crazy? Impossible? Well…if you lived in Vilnius, Lithuania, you would live in a town where the city government really truly respects cyclists and recently the mayor crushed a Mercedes with a monster 8wheeled tank! Then helped sweep up the mess. And finally, of course, gets back on his bicycle and rides away!

news story and VIDEO! found
here on the TIME website.

also on the city’s website.

KWBA ride this wednesday!

cut and pasted from an email….

Join us for a Ride Along the Waves!  Wednesday, August 3rd at 6:00pm.

The Key West Bicycle Association is organizing a leisurly ride along South Roosevelt Blvd. this coming Wednesday.  We will gather at the southern end of White Street Pier (the compass rose) and head east up South Roosevelt Blvd at 6:00pm.  We will head to the Riviera Canal Bridge, turn around, and return to White Street Pier.  Please remember, the bike path is multi-use and this will be a liesurely ride respecting all the other joggers, walkers, cyclists etc.  using the path.  Florida law requires helmets for anyone 16 and under, the KWBA thinks helmets are a good idea for all.

You are recieving this email because you have signed one of member list sheets once upon a time.  If you still like us, feel free to forward to like-minded friends and they can click on the logo up top to join the ranks.  If you no longer want to recieve updates from the Key West Bicycle Association, please click the unsubscribe link below.

Thank you and see you Wednesday Night!

cars kill more people than guns

The automobile, a tool invented to safely transport people with all its crumple zones, airbags, seat belts, safety glass, computers and various safety systems; kills more people every year in the United States than the gun; a tool invented to kill.

Huh? WTF? Yep…..the automobile is more deadly than the gun. Wake up! Scary huh?

It is true. Over the last few decades, roughly speaking…..

every year fire arm deaths are in the 30,000’s and motor vehicle deaths in the 40,000’s, check it….

.                      fire arm deaths                motor vehicle deaths

1999                    28,874                                       41,717
2000                   28,663                                       41,945
2004                   29,569                                       42,836
2007                   31,224                                        41,059

You might be saying this can’t be true. I got my facts from Wikipedia and the CDC. I first read this in BikeSnobNYC’s book (a great, great great read by the way!)

Automobile Deaths in the United States

This is a screen shot from the CDC website. There is no way to link the actual page due to the way the information is collected, but if you click here you can access all kinds of statistics.

Soooo. How is this possible? Its a symptom of how the whole paradigm is whacked! The police and politricks are full of “safety first” and “protecting people” with their rhetoric, while the real problem goes unchecked. There is a rarely enforced 3-foot passing rule in this state as well many others. The Triangle of Death isn’t safe. Riding down Olivia Street along the cemetary is next to impossible without being harassed by a revving motor or illegally and dangerously passed by a car or worse a truck. There is no room. There is no patience. There is no true regard for life and health. Where are the police? Where are the elected officials “concerned” for our safety?

Anyone can get a freakin’ driver’s license and go out and terrorize and maim and kill. Hmmm…lets get all crazy and Patriot Act about this. Lets compare to how many Americans die yearly from terrorist acts versus from automobiles. Think about it.

No, really, think about how whack the system really is. Safety is a mostly a bullshit buzzword. The reality is laws, attitudes and behavior put many, many things above safety. How many drivers swerve or drive or park in the “bikelane”? How much do politicians speak about gun-control and gun danger and guns and the young? How often do they speak of driving safer? Driving with more respect? It makes NO SENSE. None.

Ride safe. Remember that beeping revving car has absolutely no more right to the road than you. The fact that a car is more deadly, heavier, faster or more powerful than a bicycle does NOT give it more rights. The fact it costs more than your bike or may be in a hurry does not give it the right to bully you off the road. Call the police. Report bullying. Report unsafe driving. You have the right to be safe and pedal in peace. Ride Safe. Ride Smart.