open letter to drivers

(work in progress)

Hello drivers of cars. First, I’ll just say it now. My apologies for the few jackasses on bicycles who blow through lights and stop signs and cut off cars and pedestrians and ride the wrong way down streets and bikelanes. We cyclists kinda get super pissed at those people too, prolly more so as they are putting more than just themselves at risk.

Bicycles have many rights to the road. We can and should, legally and safely, take the entire lane on small roads like Olivia. There is no room for a car to pass; so please; don’t try it, don’t tailgate and don’t harass and threaten with your car. Take an appropriate road like Truman if you’re in a hurry.

Cars must pass cyclists by at least 3 feet. If a car can’t safely pass by three feet, then don’t. Its really simple. One thing motorists need to know is that it IS legal for them to cross a double yellow line to pass cyclists. There’s no need to hold up traffic of you can safely pass.

Cyclists should not ride next to parked cars close enough to be struck by an opening door. Cyclists are not trying to be jerks when riding closer to the center of the lane on such roads; we are trying to stay alive and healthy. Be patient. Stop with the revving engines and horns. It will not solve or help the matter at all.


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