mission of bfkw

bicycles first!!! (avoiding cars in key west)

BFKW wants to share and inspire bicycling ideas that will revolutionize cycling in the city and create a far safer and more enjoyable environment. Ideas that may seem too radical, but are actually the best alternative if priorities are safety, fairness and being kind to our Earth. These ideas must start growing now!

safe bike lanes before parking spaces

pedicabs get preference over taxi cabs, or at least equal rights

bicycle safety before car convenience

sharing information on how to avoid using a car

sharing safety information on how to ride safe and avoid getting hit by a car

help make key west truly bicycle friendly and a global destination for cyclists

create a safe and legal bike lane on Southard by removing parking on right side

create a safe and legal bike lane on Fleming by removing parking on right side

encourage and educate cyclists about the safety of obeying one way streets, riding on the right side and using lights at night

inspire police to educate and ticket motorists who violate the 3foot passing law

create an ordinance to allow cyclists to yield at stop signs if there is no traffic present

encourage the city to encourage tourists to park at the parking garage and see the city by bicycle

educate drivers about cyclist safety

make Flagler Avenue more bicyclist friendly

ensure cyclist safety and infrastructure is included in all city projects


One response to “mission of bfkw

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