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When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle and a car to share safely, the cyclist is entitled to the use of the entire lane. Within this lane, the cyclist usually rides on the right half to facilitate visibility … Continue reading

Reckless Jeep driver puts pedestrians and cyclists at risk

Bikeman’s letter to the editor from the Citizen’s Voice. Thanks for a well written letter and reminder that the speed limit is the speed limit for perfect driving conditions, not the normal speed. Ride on!

Speed limit is simply the maximum speed

This morning as I scanned the Citizens’ Voice [column] I noticed that one complainer wanted “the daily rainfall” back in the paper, another urged voters to “remember who changed smooth running uptown corridors into the hideous stop-sign mess we now must endure.” I agreed with both of these. I like to know Key West’s rainfall amounts and we need lower speed limits, not more stop signs.

I turned to the letters to the editor section, where I read a letter titled: “Reckless cyclists put themselves at risk” by Brain Wise, who is “rather perturbed at the multitude of Conchs who insist upon yelling at me that I need to slow down when I’m doing the speed limit. If they think motor vehicles should go slower in that particular area, then they need to petition the city to lower the speed limit.”

Mr. Wise went on to explain that, “the speed limit is the speed limit and therefore the law of the land,” and that bicyclists and pedestrians were constantly jumping out in front of him and that he had a 2,300-pound Jeep and bad things would happen if they didn’t watch out.

I booted up the computer and searched for “Florida speed limit laws” and received an immediate answer to my query under one of Florida’s Basic Drivers Improvement (BDI) courses. “Remember that speed limits show the fastest speed you may drive under good conditions. You are responsible for adjusting your driving speed to the road conditions. If there are other hazards due to pedestrians, other traffic, you must also slow down. The safe speed is the one that allows you to have complete control of your vehicle.”

Mr. Wise, you now know why multitudes of Conchs are yelling at you, (you’re driving too fast) and I suspect that after yelling at you, they yell at city officials to install stop signs on smooth running corridors where people think they can always drive the speed limit no matter the conditions.

“Reckless Jeep driver puts pedestrians and cyclists at risk” would have been a better title.

Tom Theisen

Key West

Gene Hackman struck by car while riding bike in Islamorada

First of all i hope he is ok. If it was the trucks fault, i hope the driver is prosecuted, which is rare. Read the short piece here.

Secondly, a big FUCK YOU to CNN for mentioning in the second sentence that Hackman was not wearing a helmet. And also having that fact as the top “story highlight.” So what if he was or was not wearing a helmet, or green socks, or a “road ID”? It is not illegal for an adult and it certainly doesn’t cause an accident.

This is typical media coverage of cyclist hits and deaths; trying to blame the cyclist in any way possible or show them in a negative light. Its awful when the same story quietly mentions the car is at fault but continues to highlight the lack of a helmet.

Start really noticing the language used and which facts are highlighted in media coverage of car/bicycle accidents. It’ll piss you off.

This kind of biased reporting is found everywhere.

Was it dark out? Did Hackman have lights? Was he riding illegally? These are legitimate things to report concerning an accident that could have caused it.

I wish the Wounder Warrior Project a safe and rewarding Soldier Ride here today and apologize about being slack on publicizing it.

Ride on!

Ride America For Safe Routes ride will begin in Key West!

Four ambitious women are undertaking a cross country endurance ride that will kick off in Key West on February 5, 2012 and culminate in San Francisco in late April. Two sisters, Jeanie and Chelsea Ward-Waller, their mother, Jane, and close friend Stephanie Palmer are riding across America to benefit the bicycle safety advocacy efforts of the League of American Bicyclists and the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Dubbed “Ride America for Safe Routes” (RASR), their ride follows a route traversing 13 southern states and 20 major cities, logging over 5,000 miles between Florida and California. The mission of RASR is to raise $50,000 for the League’s Bike Friendly America program and for Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs in local communities. In addition, the RASR Team will advocate the critical need for bike safety and promote the public health benefits of bicycling through events with local bicycle groups and SRTS programs in communities along their route. See the RASR website or contact for more information on the Ride and to support a future of bike-friendly communities. Come out and ride with the RASR riders in Key West on February 5, 2012.

City of Key West transportation survey


The City of Key West wishes to gather information from its Citizens in order to complete the Carrying Capacity Study. The survey will take approximately 5-minutes and all responses are anonymous.” from website

There are 24 multiple choice questions about traffic, cruise ships, bicycle lanes and public transportation.

Please take the time and fill it out. The more bicycle riders voice their opinion, the greater our power in the system!

thank you…ride on!

survey here!

Traffic Carrying Capacity Study Values Survey here on the City’s website

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this is super duper new and not officially launched. this link has only been shared with a few close friends for advice and criticism and ideas. if you somehow stumbled here, welcome! your input below as a comment would be helpful.

thank you. ride on!