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hardcore bikelane enforcement!

I am sure with the military presence in Key West we could somehow get a hold of a tank and use it to crush cars parked in our bike lanes!!! wooo-haaaaa!  How awesome would that be?

Or we could even fantasize and dream a bit….maybe pretend our mayor is a frequent bicycle rider and strongly supports true cyclist safety and rights.  Lets imagine him smiling happily while riding in a tank crushing luxury cars that are illegally parked! And then helping sweep up the broken glass and debris!

Sounds crazy? Impossible? Well…if you lived in Vilnius, Lithuania, you would live in a town where the city government really truly respects cyclists and recently the mayor crushed a Mercedes with a monster 8wheeled tank! Then helped sweep up the mess. And finally, of course, gets back on his bicycle and rides away!

news story and VIDEO! found
here on the TIME website.

also on the city’s website.