about me

well, i might as well start with all of my “conflicts of interest” which is quite a popular sport down here in government! I wrench at Fixed Gears Bicycle Shop and attempt to manage the shop and Patrick the owner. It is rarely boring and I’m lucky to work on many bicycles people use as transportation and will wrench on $40 conch cruisers and $3,000 Ridley’s all in a “normal” day (at least whatever normal can possibly mean in Key Weird.) I also work a few days a week with TomtheBikeman at…you guessed it, Bikeman Rentals. Bikeman manages a fleet of rental bicycles at dozens of hotels without the use of a car, but instead uses three modified work tricycles. I have ridden or had drinks with most everyone over at Eaton Bicycles and know the owners of ReCycle who have also thrown a few prizes at me for alleycat races here. Jesse at the bikeshop has saved the day a few times for me with random parts I didn’t have in stock. I’m friends with Clinton the Conch Republic Cyclist and am actively trying to get him riding fixed. So anyways, obviously certain shops, people, restaurants, bars, etc will be mentioned more than others, its not a political thing, its just where i tend to be. ya dig? My main motivation get more people riding bicycles, breathe new ideas into Key West infrastructure, and have lots of fun doing it.

I successfully escaped to Key Weird in January of 2008 after a few dozen attempts beginning back in ’99 from Hartford, Connecticut. I spent my last few years there volunteering for the Central Connecticut Bicycle Association which helped pass the state’s 3foot passing law. The CCBA sponsors monthly and yearly events as well as advocating in local government for cyclists. I founded the beat bike blog which continues to be an awesomely written blog with contributors who are very active riders.

A few months after I stopped attending the Key West Bicycle Action Committee meetings I decided to let  Key West Velo just mellow and began bicyclesfirst! to share more about cyclist rights, infrastructure ideas and continue to bring people together. About this same time I began attending preliminary get-togethers/meetings for what became the Key West Bicycle Association. I am still a member and hope to help with many amazing projects here in Key West. I’m also a member of the Florida Bicycling Association, which helped with the Florida 3foot passing law and the Adventure Cycling Association.


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