Beware of Brian Wise and his Jeep!

Hi Brian. I think we both agree cyclists who flagrantly dart in front of cars are trouble and put them selves at risk. But you need to understand that the speed limit is the speed limit for perfect conditions, which pretty much rarely exists here in Key West. Yeah, the “law of the land” is pretty clear that if there’s bicycles in the street, people with baby strollers, and not perfect conditions, YOU should be driving less that the speed limit. I think you should maybe listen to the Conchs….SLOW DOWN. This ain’t the mainland.

Also, you telling cyclists to take their own advice and slow down…uhhh….huh? That doesn’t even make any sense. What’s a cyclists speed have to do with “darting” in front of your jeep? Please focus on your driving more than you focus on maintaining your point in letters to the editor. Drive safe, and remember, legally, bicycles may take the full lane on most of Key West’s streets, leaving you and your 2300 pound jeep behind them waiting to pass safely and legally. Its the LAW. You also must pass by at least three feet.

Brian’s Citizen’s Voice

Reckless cyclists put themselves at risk

Since transferring down here a year and a half ago, I realized that Key West has a more laid-back lifestyle than I was used to. I respect that, and have come to enjoy it. I’ve learned to adjust my schedule so that my time management is better, and I don’t need to rush everywhere.

That being said, I’m still rather perturbed at the multitude of Conchs who insist upon yelling at me that I need to slow down when I’m doing the speed limit. First of all, none of them are cops. Second, the speed limit is the speed limit, and therefore the law of the land. They may be of the opinion that I’m going too fast, but that’s all it is; an opinion. If they think motor vehicles should go slower in that particular area, then they need to petition the city to lower the speed limit in whatever area I happen to be traveling. Third, I think they may be yelling at me to slow down because of the multitude of bicyclists and pedestrians that have jumped out in front of me (that I’ve almost hit) after they blew a stop sign on a busy street.

… Now, I do understand that in certain cases, bicycles have the right of way …, and as I am also a bicyclist, I respect and obey those rights of way whether I’m on my bike or driving.

However, in cases where you, on a bicycle, decide to ignore a stop sign and barrel out onto a busy street, you show a complete lack respect for the law, a complete lack of respect and consideration for other people, and worst of all, a complete lack of consideration for your own personal safety.

I hope each and every person reading this will take a moment to consider what would occur if they barreled out in front of my 2,300-pound Jeep and I was unable to stop in time. Which do you think would receive the most physical damage? …

And you tell me to slow down? Take your own advice.

Brian Wise


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