Gene Hackman struck by car while riding bike in Islamorada

First of all i hope he is ok. If it was the trucks fault, i hope the driver is prosecuted, which is rare. Read the short piece here.

Secondly, a big FUCK YOU to CNN for mentioning in the second sentence that Hackman was not wearing a helmet. And also having that fact as the top “story highlight.” So what if he was or was not wearing a helmet, or green socks, or a “road ID”? It is not illegal for an adult and it certainly doesn’t cause an accident.

This is typical media coverage of cyclist hits and deaths; trying to blame the cyclist in any way possible or show them in a negative light. Its awful when the same story quietly mentions the car is at fault but continues to highlight the lack of a helmet.

Start really noticing the language used and which facts are highlighted in media coverage of car/bicycle accidents. It’ll piss you off.

This kind of biased reporting is found everywhere.

Was it dark out? Did Hackman have lights? Was he riding illegally? These are legitimate things to report concerning an accident that could have caused it.

I wish the Wounder Warrior Project a safe and rewarding Soldier Ride here today and apologize about being slack on publicizing it.

Ride on!


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