u lock missed concept/bike lock FAIL

i saw this very very new cruiser locked up on (XXXcensored to protect owner!XXX) Street last week. the owner decided to use the U-Lock to connect the much thinner cable. Now, usually, the U-Lock is used to lock the frame to a rack or pole and use the cable to secure the wheels to deter their theft, especially if you have quick release skewers. yes, the was no way to use the U-lock on that fence… but there was plenty of secure spots very near by.

also, please notice the cable locks around the vertical plank, which can be easily ripped off allowing a bicycle thief to abscond with the sweet cruiser. it would have been much more secure to lock the cable around the horizontal supports which cannot be simply ripped out.

lock smart everyone, i hate hearing about stolen bike and there are too many bike thieves roaming this island and they will always go for the low hanging fruit first! lock safe, ride hard!


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