ride safe and know your rights

Hello my fellow riders. there’s a few things we should all be doing to stay legal, but more importantly, to be safe and stay alive to enjoy another healthy day. These few things would certainly reduce accidents, anger and broken bones.

Please ride on the right side of the street. Though some believe they are safer facing the traffic, its is a proven fact that riding against traffic is far far more dangerous and results in more accidents.

Lights at night. A red light in the rear and a white headlight are a state law that makes sense. You really want cars to see you, especially in Key West where you got gawking tourists, cellphonetalkingscofflaws and drunk drivers are not paying much attention to the road…or your life.

Please respect one way streets. Please don’t pedal the wrong way in a bike lane. It creates a bad situation for everyone and no one knows what you’re gonna do next.

You have the right to take the entire lane if a car cannot safely pass you. State law requires cars to pass cyclists by at least three feet. If it is not safe to be passed, take the lane. The car does NOT have more right to the road and legally and safely must yield to you until safe to pass.

There are two great, free publications available.
The Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide
The above link opens in the FBA website with two ways to get the guide. A third way is to stop in Fixed Gears Bicycle Shop, 421 Simonton Street, and pick up a free copy. There are lots of rights that many cyclists do not realize they have and this guide explains them well.
I am working on a link for the other publication, check back this weekend!

Ride on!


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